Inter’Act’s Involved in the Future of AI-Powered Fall Detection in Wallonia

We are excited to share news of our collaboration in Wallonia that aims to shape the future of AI-powered fall detection and enhance the lives of seniors and individuals with disabilities. Inter’Act is proud to join forces with Yuza, Open Hub, and ULiege, with the support of Partenamut and AVIQ. Together, we are working towards the eventual implementation of selected technology solutions in 15,000 homes across the region.

At the forefront of our contribution is our Lead Researcher, Dr. Maxim Lamirande. He is focusing on understanding user acceptability, product adoption, and retention. Dr. Lamirande’s expertise and dedication are driving our efforts to make a meaningful impact in this field.

Addressing a Growing Need

In the context of our work, we recognize the increasing desire among people with disabilities and older adults to choose their living arrangements and the companions they share their lives with. Often, they express a need for assistance, support, and housing-related services in an environment that is adaptable, suitable, and secure, ensuring both social inclusion and independent living while remaining at home.

According to a study by the Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit, 94% of seniors wish to continue living in their homes for as long as possible. However, this aspiration can sometimes raise concerns among their loved ones. Statistics reveal that 67% of accidents occur in the home (Stevens et al., Injury Epidemiology 2014).

Our primary mission is to help individuals stay in their homes, and Inter’Act is dedicated to gaining a deep understanding of our users. Over the past months, we have conducted qualitative inquiries in collaboration with our partners. Together, we have identified key themes that matter most to seniors, people with disabilities, and the medical professionals who support them.

Shaping the Future of Technology

These insights, combined with product evaluation aspects, have been instrumental in the consortium’s efforts to co-create assessment criteria for technologies submitted in the public market tender. We have transformed these criteria into personas that now help to guide our technological testing, communication, and recruitment processes.

Get in Touch

To learn more about our involvement in this exciting venture or to connect directly with Dr. Maxim Lamirande, please do not hesitate to contact Inter’Act. We look forward to sharing more updates as we continue this collaborative journey towards improving the lives of seniors and individuals with disabilities in Wallonia (and beyond).

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