Teaching at University of Liège

Prof. Catherine Elsen is currently teaching at University of Liège, Faculty of Applied Sciences. Her areas of teaching can be summarized in two main themes: architectural composition, nourished by user-centered approaches.

She teaches Architecture Studios to Bachelor and Master students enrolled in the Architectural Engineering curriculum. Doing so, she essentially supports students through the progressive integration and mastery of the multiple factors influencing the design of an architectural and / or urban artefact. Her educational approach is almost exclusively project-oriented, as to foster learning-by-doing.

She also pushes forward user-centered and participatory methods and tools in architecture, urban planning and engineering, mainly through the course “Methodology of the Architectural Project” (at the Bachelor degree) and through the courses “User-centered approaches in architecture and engineering” and “Urban sociology and co-design” (in Master degrees). Her aim is to equip future practitioners with the necessary insights, postures and toolkits for the implementation of such approaches, in response to the participatory imperative which is now more and more often required within the framework of large-scale projects, public contracts or competitions.

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