Inter’Act Lab conducts Wallonie Design’s Lexicon project this autumn

We are excited to lead the first version of a Walloon Design Lexicon for Wallonie Design !

Wallonie Design is the reference organization for design in Wallonia, the French-speaking community of Belgium. Our lab conducted two workshop sessions with local designers and with design students from the Saint-Luc Art School to test, define, identify the current and upcoming professional vocabulary in the design community. In parallel with the definition process of this vocabulary, a call for illustrations was launched. In the end, more than 100 words were described and defined. More than 200 visuals were collected, and 60 deliverables illustrated through this visual library built with the help of local designers and their projects. The Design Lexicon is part of a broader toolkit (DISC-DESIGN) developed by Wallonie Design to support local stakeholders to better integrate and understand the design process throughout their activities.

You can discover Wallonie Design activities, services, and tools here.

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