How do countries educate to Design?

Two Inter’Act researchers, Yaprak Hamarat and Çiğdem Yönder, contribute since January ‘21 to a Seminars Series organized by the Design and Society Research Lab of the University of Montreal, led by Prof. Philippe Gauthier. These seminars aim to study and explore infrastructures of design education worldwide. Design researchers from the USA, Europe, Canada, France, Tunisia, and other countries bring their own local practices to the table. Yaprak and Çiğdem presented on March 19th the Belgian asymmetric national design education system, divided between the Flemish and French-speaking communities. They exposed how design is taught in higher education systems in both communities, how these systems have been structured in regard of cultural and historical heritages and how they are now being transformed and homogenized under the European and governmental pressures. Both researchers also presented on May 14th the Turkish design education system, its proper national issues and particular history based on industrial and interior design fields.

To conclude this first round of knowledge sharing, participant researchers will organize a closing seminar at the end of the academic year and analyze how those infrastructural transformations and realities are impacting design educations approaches and contents concretely.

You can discover our presentations on Design et Société website.

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