Teaching & Training

The Inter’Act team offers workshops, classes and training in a variety of subjects.

Research-driven Workshops & Seminars

The Inter’Act team, welcoming researchers from diverse backgrounds, regularly organizes seminars and workshops nurtured by on-going research and addressed to practitioners, researchers or advanced students. The topics include: Qualitative Research; Research through Design; Applied Research in Architecture & Design; Tools to conduct ethnographic research; Interviews techniques; Creative Problem Solving in research or Design Thinking Methods applied to research. We would…

Teaching at University of Liège

Prof. Catherine Elsen is currently teaching at University of Liège, Faculty of Applied Sciences. Her areas of teaching can be summarized in two main themes: architectural composition, nourished by user-centered approaches. She teaches Architecture Studios to Bachelor and Master students enrolled in the Architectural Engineering curriculum. Doing so, she essentially supports students through the progressive integration and mastery of the…

Researching is learning !

Members of the Inter’Act lab also contribute to the lifelong training and education of fellow researchers, colleagues, job applicants or professional partners. Master classes and workshops in Creativity, Creative Problem Solving, Design Thinking are offered and implemented in a variety of disciplines (digital design; urban design; project management;…). Training and consulting services are also provided to institutions and organization who…

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