Tracing the development of “My architect and I” at the Milan EKSIG 2023 conference

Inter’Act continues its research on the relationship between clients and architects through its project Mon Architecte et Moi –“My Architect and I” -and recently shared insights on its research journey and development process at the 2023 EKSIG conference July 2023 at the Politecnico de Milano. This year, EKSIG – a special interest group within DRS – focused on “experiential knowledge and the role of prototypes in design research” (

At the conference, our doctoral researcher, Audrey Mertens, presented her paper, offering insights and a comprehensive update on the development of the prototype booklet. Mertens’ paper served as a historical account of the projects’ research trajectory, spanning from 2020 to present day. This journey has included contributions and presentations at various significant academic forums, such as the 2022 DTRS13 hosted by the Israel Institute of TEchnology a workshop hosted at DRS 2023 in Bilbao.

This innovative tool serves as a conduit for communication between clients and architects, transcending conventional discourse centered on practical building information. The booklet focuses on a transformative potential between both parties, emphasizing its role in facilitating dialogues that transcend the realm of pragmatism. It ventures into the personal, allowing users to articulate their experiences of living in and savoring a space. Importantly, it reverts these personal insights into actionable outcomes, providing architects and users with a collaborative framework for shaping environments.

It’s worth sharing that research on « My Architect and I » has been a collective endeavor, involving several dedicated members within the Inter’Act community including Prof. Catherine Else, Dr. Yaprak Hamarat, Ms Audrey Mertens, and Ms. Çiğdem Yonder.. For those seeking a deeper understanding of the project or who wish to engage in discussions, we invite you to reach out to Audrey or Çiğdem.

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