Parametric Modeling in Architectural SME’s

About modelling the impact of parametric tools on the day-to-day cognitive and organizational operations of architectural SME’s
Project Summary

This research, conducted by Adeline Stals, looks into the emerging practices of parametric modeling tools in the specific case of small architectural offices. It identifies the cognitive and organizational strategies and adaptations deployed for the integration of these tools into the architectural design processes. It emphasizes the need to focus on smaller size offices, an underexplored research field yet representing the largest part of the European market (99% of European offices welcoming less than 10 people, according to Architects’ Council of Europe, 2019).

The results empirically establish the state of the art of digital practices of Belgian architects and point out the difficulties encountered by novices in implementing parametric tools, as well as the cognitive and organizational challenges related to the use of such tools in SMEs. The research highlights a major change in the cognitive approach to the project (by the process and no longer exclusively by the object), making it possible to suggest an iterative use of the tool oscillating between design and representation support.

Projects Info
  • Funding InstitutionF.R.S.-FNRS
  • Date2015 - 2019

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