Ageing well in post-industrial territories

About understanding how industrial history and post-industrial patterns do impact the age-friendliness of our living environments
Project Summary

Through this project, the Inter’Act Lab is building international cooperation among UNIC-affiliated universities to tackle the challenge of “Ageing well” in a user-centered, trans-national way. Ageing well in place, and specifically in post-industrial, super-diverse contexts, calls for multi-disciplinary research and co-design of end-users’ driven solutions. The Inter’Act Lab thus created a network of researchers and actors from various backgrounds, working in a variety of complementary fields in order to build research, education and mobility initiatives tackling this shared interest.

Addressed research challenges cover inter-regional collection of what it means for end-users to “age well in place” considering their super-diverse origins; co-design of end-users’ driven solutions to age better in place (implementation and analysis of such processes); analysis of policies and strategic planning processes, from the end-users’ viewpoints; renewal of theoretical and methodological frameworks to address “age-friendly environments” in a bottom-up approach; historical, geographical and cultural studies of ageing in place, age and migration; empirical study of end-users’ reflexivity when it comes to gerontechnologies, or design-driven methods to enhance seniors’ involvement into participatory processes.

Projects Info
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  • CollaboratorsULiège UNIC network ; Ruhr University Bochum; University of Deusto; University of Oulu; University of Zagreb
  • Funding InstitutionUNIC
  • Date2021 - ...

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