Open Data Opportunities for Participatory Governance

About making Open Data more prone to support bottom-up, citizen participation
Project Summary

This project is conducted under the leadership of University of Namur, in collaboration with Catholic University of Louvain.

In this project, we question the logic of industrial publication traditionally applied in Open Data, by seeking to develop a more strategic and reasoned approach to such publication, rather centered on re-users and end-users, namely the citizens. More practically, the aim is to support « publishers » from the public sector (municipalities, in particular) throughout the publication of data that could be of value for the expected re-users. The goal is to increase the return on investment, to support the methods of citizen participation with information issued from open data, and therefore to support the reuse of open data, particularly in democratic and public management processes.

Projects Info
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  • CollaboratorsUNamur (Prof. Castiaux, Prof. Burnay, Prof. Linden, Prof. Dodeigne); UCL (Prof.Kolp, Prof. Reuchamps); ULiège (Prof. Fallon)
  • Funding InstitutionLOTH-INFO
  • Date2021 - 2022

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